There are over 300 million Internet users in India. How many can find you online?

Clients and Results

O3M helps businesses grow by creating, implementing, and optimizing campaigns that work.

One client, anAutoCAD training school, wanter to increase the number of students its program. They wisely chose O3M Directional Marketing to manage its online advertising campaign and are glad they did.

The business owner knew prospective students were looking online for schools to attend, but didn't know how to encourage them to attend his program. He had a great existing website, but no one was seeing it.

Being new to online advertising, he wasn;t ready to begin with a full fledged campaign so he began a one month trial. During that time O3M Directional Marketing created search and display ads, updated his website, and researched the market to see what he should be paying for "Clicks". After seeing great results (and R.O.I.) on the test campaign he wisely chose to continue with O3M Directinal Merketing with a full fledged lead generation campaign.

The AutoCad school considers their online advertising with O3M a success. The steady steam of information requests from prospective students has enabled them to expand and they like the transparency, tracking and accountability which only online advertising provides.

O3M Directional Marketing not only increased the traffic to his website, but constantly works to ensure that quality visitors actively looking for his offerings are finding him >

Our client is one of the leading mobile phone vendors in India. With a large number of retail outlets and a strong brand presence in the market place it knew they could be getting more out of its website. Smaller competitors were getting more online traffice, and the visitors our client did receive were getting were not buying phones. Simply put they needed to improve their online marketing, which is why they contracted O3M Directional Marketing, Since that time O3M's services to them have grown to include:

  • Search Engine Advertising
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Website Management and Data Entry
  • Inbound phone order support

We are proud to work with some of the most exciting businesses in India. Our clients include: client collage